Gait Master Course – Iowa 2024




Join us at Plankt  for this six-hour workshop with movement therapist, Joseph Schwartz.

Gait Master Course  explores movement from the perspective of disassembly and reassembly of fundamental motor components. 

What we will explore:

  • A complete palette of Joint Flossing.
  • Integrating the fundamental motor components with both open chain & closed chain movement exercises.
  • The fundamental motor components will be reassembled into kinetic chains targeted to gait biomechanics.
  • Those kinetic chains will be combined to create an integrated gait.
  • We will learn specific compensatory movements to address residual tension.

The material covered is found in Joseph’s online courses: Gait Master Course, Spiral Arm Drive, and The 5PKC’s Body Weight Movement Program.

A comprehensive movement manual is included in the course.

Joseph is the developer of The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains and Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™. He has been studying the gait, movement, and applied kinesiology for over three decades and loves to share his experience helping people finding more ease in their movement.

Friday, June 7th
10:00 am-1pm / 3pm – 6pm


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