Upcoming 2020 Workshops and Seminars

Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Seminars

Module One:

Philadelphia, PA – February 22-23rd

Module Two:

Registration Coming Soon!

Seminars are Facilitated by Joseph Schwartz and other DNA™ Certified Assistants

Registration Fee includes the DNA Manual, a lot of assessment tools, and fun!

Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ (DNA™) is the therapeutic application of The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains kinesiology charts. In DNA™ we use movement as a benchmark. Our assessment strategies evaluate the response of the nervous system. As we gain discernment between an appropriate and inappropriate response, we can then use laser focus in our corrective strategies to restore optimal neuromuscular sequencing.

Q: What Will I Learn at a Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Seminar?

A: You will learn to optimize your assessment skills in order to amplify the results you achieve with your clients, using the corrective tools you already possess.

Learn More in the DNA™ Overview

Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Testimonial – Ryan Brown from Joseph Schwartz on Vimeo.


“This work is incredible. I’ve never covered so much ground in one session like I did during DNA. ~ Beth M.

“DNA is a completely new and revolutionary way of testing, assessing, and trouble shooting the human body.” ~ 2017 Participant

“What I liked most about DNA were the powerful assessment tools that get you right to the main source of a person’s issues.” ~ 2017 Participant