Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Mod 1, Philadelphia


Pays in full for your spot at DNA™ Philadelphia, Module One.



Facilitated by Joseph Schwartz

September 24-25

Hosted by Becky Coots-Kimbley at The Wellness Institute of Chester County

Exton, PA (45 mins outside of Philadelphia)

$900 includes the DNA Manual, a lot of assessment tools, and fun!

Limited to 14 participants.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ (DNA™) is the therapeutic application of The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains kinesiology charts. In DNA™ we use movement as a benchmark. Our assessment strategies evaluate the response of the nervous system. As we gain discernment between an appropriate and inappropriate response, we can then use laser focus in our corrective strategies to restore optimal neuromuscular sequencing.

Q: What Will I Learn at a Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Seminar?

A: You will learn to optimize your assessment skills in order to amplify the results you achieve with your clients, using the corrective tools you already possess.

DNA™ Module 1 Synopsis:  Breath, Breathing and the Players of Respiration sets the groundwork to explore the DNA™ template of assessment.

When you complete the Module One seminar, you will have a greater understanding of integrating the following skills and neurological principles.

How to:

  • Qualify an indicator
  • Identify the 4 modes of indicator response
  • Identify the players of respiration in the exhalation and inhalation phases of breath
  • Assess the subsystem function of the breathing apparatus
  • Sequence a long series kinetic chain
  • Eccentrically evaluate the pelvic and thoracic diaphragms
  • Map the players of respiration in the breathing apparatus
  • Use multiple therapy localization strategies that allows you to double check your work
  • Establish and maintain a safe container for your clients

Having a solid foundation in Module One will allow you to progress to more advanced movement assessment strategies.

What You Will Learn in Module One

Overview of Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™

60-Minute audio “Refine and Redefine Manual Muscle Testing” that describes the foundation of DNA™ and gives a taste of Joseph’s teaching style.

Note: In this time of Covid, we strongly recommend getting traveler’s insurance, as there will be no refunds made after 8.15.22. Up until 8.15.22, you can receive a refund less $150.