DNA Mentorship Program

Being part of the DNA Mentorship Program has significantly improved my knowledge and understanding of how best to help my clients. Having Joseph as a direct resource has been invaluable to my skills as a practitioner and a wellness guide. If you have an opportunity to include this resource as part of your journey, do not hesitate. Your skills and confidence will grow exponentially and you will be of better service to the ones who trust you. I am forever grateful to Joseph for making time to mentor me. It has been a life-changing experience. – Misty L. Hillin, DNA, PTA, DPT, LMT, RAS

What is the DNA Mentorship Program?

An opportunity to study privately with Joseph one-on-one via the Zoom platform.  Six month or year-long programs are available. This boutique experience was started in 2018 as a way for practitioners who had enrolled and completed a Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Module One or Two Seminar to further hone their assessment skills.  Starting in 2020, Joseph is opening up this opportunity to anyone who has completed an Optimizing Assessment course – live or online. 

Who is eligible?

Any practicing body worker (PT, Chiro, Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor, etc.) who is interested in taking their assessment skills to the next level and/or are interested in exploring a missing element in their practice.  Enrollment and completion in a DNA™Seminar or Optimizing Assessment Course is a prerequisite.

What can you expect?

Students meet twice/month for an hour via Zoom with Joseph.  Your schedule is crafted to work with your life and your schedule.  It is drafted for the entire year to ensure minimal interruption.

How much is the cost?

You are invoiced $150 monthly on the 15th or the 1st of the month. 

Additional benefits:

  • $100 off continuing education courses and retreats during your tenure in the program. 

CLICK HERE FOR MENTORSHIP OUTLINE:  Overview of Mentorship Program by Joseph

Extensions are available; a year-long commitment is ideal. 

Register by emailing karuna@dna-assessment.com.

DNA™ Consulting Opportunities:

Individual One-Hour Drop-In Consultations – $150/hour (email Karuna to schedule, karuna@dna-assessment.com)