Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ (DNA™) is the therapeutic application of The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains kinesiology charts. In DNA™ we use movement as a benchmark. Our assessment strategies evaluate the response of the nervous system. As we gain discernment between an appropriate and inappropriate response, we can then use laser focus in our corrective strategies to restore optimal neuromuscular sequencing.

Q: What Will I Learn at a Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Seminar?

A: You will learn to optimize your assessment skills in order to amplify the results you achieve with your clients, using the corrective tools you already possess.

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During Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ (DNA™) seminars you learn to optimize your assessment while being congruent with the interdependent triad of health and vitality.

DNA™ has been formulated for the manual the therapist to learn an optimal process for engaging with the nervous system of their client. There are three layers to this process.

The first layer starts with refining and redefining manual muscle testing (MMT). Movement assessment, like MMT, has the potential to accurately interpret the input/output response of the nervous system. This has several sub-levels and nuances in application.

The second layer is mapping. Mapping is a format we use to understand the unique presentation of our client. The symptom / causation relationship is investigated to arrive at the primary causation, or the primary layer to start employing a corrective strategy.

After we have the client’s global picture, we can employ the third layer of the DNA™ process, corrective strategies. Caution must be used when employing corrective strategies. Keeping the container safe is a primary concern when “do no harm” is the imperative. We cannot apply a corrective technique until we understand the causation and its source. If we remove a coping strategy or compensation, the nervous system will fill that void in the container. That something will more than likely be maladaptive. Instead, we need to displace a maladaptive compensation with a positive adaptive coping strategy.

Keeping the container safe is a key element of DNA™.

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DNA™ Optimize Your Assessment  ~   Amplify Your Results


DNA™Module One introduces The 5 Essential Skills that will be integrated into your movement evaluations.  DNA™ Module Two expands on these Essential Skills and moves into the Deep Longitudinal and Lateral Kinetic Chains which establishes The Dynamic Platform.

The Five Essential Skills:

Essential Skill #1 – Hybrid Movement Assessment:

Direct and indicator assessment techniques.

Essential Skill #2 – Functional-Dysfunctional Movement:

Uncovering hidden compensation patterns.

Essential Skill #3 – Completing the Feed-back Loop:

Using feed-forward and feed-back strategies to complete the proprioceptive feedback loop.

Essential Skill #4 – The Functional Compass:

Movement assessment through the lens of multi-planer potential.

Essential Skill #5 – Eccentric Movement Assessment:

Challenges movement over a range rather than a snapshot.

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DNA™ Seminars are Facilitated by Joseph Schwartz and Mark Kendall

Upcoming DNA™ Seminar Schedule

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