The Five Primary Kinetic Chains Desktop Edition – Now Includes Online Course

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The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains Desktop Edition is a superb visual reference book for manual therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, movement specialists and their clients alike. The Desktop Edition is a spiral bound beautifully illustrated 8×10 compact and portable book.  All 24 pages are heavy laminate to ensure years of use.  The Desktop Edition incorporates the images and charts found in the 5PKC poster set with additional helpful information.  The charts have been organized in an easy to follow 14pt font. The columns identify joint actions, subsystems, prime movers, and synergists. Vibrant colors bring clarity to how the structure integrates movement.  



New in 2020 – when you purchase a Poster Set or Desktop Edition, you also receive immediate access to The 5PKC Online Education Course that includes nearly two hours of video and seven handouts specifically designed to help  give you a more in-depth understanding of how to utilize The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains in the therapeutic assessment process and for client education.

“The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains posters are an awesome addition to my clinic. My patients love them and it makes explaining how their whole body is connected so much easier. The posters are my favorite for patient education – and the artwork ROCKS!” — Dr. Perry Nickelston of Stop Chasing Pain, DC NKT FMS SFMA

The Desktop Edition has even more content than the poster series. The detailed explanations bring clarity to how 5PKC work synergistically to create movement. Including:

  • How the kinetic chains reciprocate with each other
  • How the Principal Actions inform movement
  • Using the charts
  • The four primary pump systems of the body
  • The role of the sacroiliac joint in shock absorption
  • The complementary opposite of shock absorption, ground force reaction
  • The role of the core cylinder in storing and releasing elastic energy
  • And more!

As a manual therapist who integrates different techniques into my practice, the 5PKC anatomy charts are a critical component for any manual therapist’s practice.  I have studied and treated along the fascial chains that have been promoted by numerous other gifted clinicians and researchers each time leaving me with unanswered questions. The work of Joseph Schwartz has helped me to connect many of these dots and better identify the structures that are so critical in terms of effective treatment planning for my patients. Don’t take my word for it ~ I encourage you to check out his work and you will be amazed just like I have been!”  -Jacqueline Shakar DPT MS OCS LAT, Graston Technique Clinical Advisor

The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains are based on the theorem behind Andry Vleeming’s Core Subsystems.  Each chart outlines a primary physiological principle in movement: bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and fascia do not work in isolation. They work synergistically to create movement.  When movement is balanced and efficient, the players are all cooperating.

Why use walking as a barometer of health, movement, and vitality? Simply because it is the one thing that most of us do daily and are either doing so – integrated, which boosts vitality, or compensated – which is detracting from vitality.

The integration of the 5PKC and the Principal Actions (explained in greater detail in the Desktop Edition) are a baseline for our health. By looking at our anatomy through the lens of movement, it offers a welcome and useful shift in how we look at the body.

3 reviews for The Five Primary Kinetic Chains Desktop Edition – Now Includes Online Course

  1. Tonya Ford (verified owner)

    Love this tool! Wonderful for small workspace and when traveling.

  2. Stas Bernasinski (verified owner)

    A superb and valuable resource for my NMT practice. The thick laminate will serve many years of showing clients how the body is connected, perfect for oily fingers and frequent, repeated use. And an excellent overview of each system plus differing colour schemes clearly demonstrate the isolation or interplay of groupings and structures within each chain. Very, very impressed!

  3. Liz Roche (verified owner)

    17 years in the industry and realizing how far behind I am! I have a looooong list of books to read through, notes to take and not mention, how to remember it all while in session!! This desktop edition of the 5 primary kinetic chains will be a staple in my “tool bag,” along with my cups, scraper and daily planner! I love the consolidation of info here and one page description of each chain. This will help me in my movement AND manual therapy sessions. Thanks, Joseph Schwartz!!

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