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This is an excerpt from the DNA™ Manual that will accompany upcoming Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Seminars.

The triangle is one of nature’s stronger structures. Triangulation is when three muscles, or a combination of muscles and connective tissue structures, form a kinetic chain. These are used primarily in force transmission systems, the manner the body organizes to produce work or absorb kinetic energy. The subsystem of the lateral kinetic chain employs a triangulation in the stance phase of the gait. The gluteus medius, adductor magnus, and contralateral quadratus lumborum are triangulating their efforts to keep the axis of the spine upright and vertical.

Triangulation shows up in many ways. It can be a combination of short lever and long lever muscles and/or it can be a combination of ligaments to muscles. Triangulation is the body balancing the need for both stability and mobility.

Movement requires a base, or a platform, from which to act on and off. Without a base, the ability to generate work production would be impaired. This would be the same principle as the dynamic platform of the axial spine providing a base of appendicular movement. This is a global perspective.

Triangulation occurs in all three planes of movement: pitch, roll, and yaw. Let’s look at the movement of the scapula to illustrate this. This is a local perspective.

Pitch~ pectoralis minor/lower trapezius/levator scapula

Roll ~ rhomboid/serattus anterior/levator scapula

Yaw~ pectoralis minor/middle & upper trapezius /levator scapula


Note: The levator scapula triangulates with scapular stability in each plane of movement. This long lever, multi-segmented muscle is often overworked and underappreciated in its key role in movement and the dynamic stability of the scapula

*Illustration Credit:

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