“I learned how to walk”

Joseph just wrapped up a 5-day Anatomy and Asana Intensive at the San Marcos School of Yoga.

This is what one participant had to say about what they learned:

I learned how to walk. Literally putting a spring in my step….

Here’s a sampling of what we learned about:
-five kinetic chains of the human body
-how breath is the master control of the body’s stress and relaxation systems, the sympathetic and parasympathetic
-how the nervous system controls all movement, making our breath the foundation of all movement
-how compensations develop, limiting our movement potential, how muscles are inhibited, how the core works, how the body finds stability (in X’s and crescents), how to test muscles to see if they are inhibited and beginning protocol for determining who are the responsible players (muscles), the intelligence of fascia and its role especially in gait, the body’s many senses including proprioception and gravity (vestibular) sense…and more.