Online Course: Fabulous Feet

What Does Fabulous Feet Entail?

Creating your own fabulous feet requires only an investment in time. As we are  all on a unique journey based on our past experience, your recovery and integration will be unique to you based on your predispositions and experiences. When we  talk about the fundamental building blocks of movement, these are the pieces of movement that we need to recover so that our brain has access to these components. Thus, we may have specific aspects of this program to recover and integrate before we can progress to the next level. This program is designed to help you recover quality movement in your feet. We start by  using ball rolling as a means to have a conversation with our feet. This is the exploration phase where we are learning to have  access to each joint and its associated  optimal movement.  When we don’t, the nervous system must come up with a strategy to move around those areas that are not accessible. We call these areas the foundational building blocks of movement, and the first step in the recovery process is to identify and restore these foundational building blocks of your movement. The goal for ball rolling is to restore the foundational building block of suppleness back into our feet.

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When we consider that one of the objectives of our nervous system is to keep us safe, our mobility also has the responsibility of stability. This is what keeps our structure safe. We  need to have strength in the connective tissue structures that surround a joint, otherwise the mobility of that joint is vulnerable. With that said, the second phase of restoring fabulous feet is to strengthen the connective tissue and musculature of the feet. This is accomplished with the movement practice included in the instructional series.

The instructional series takes us joint by joint up from our feet to our hips. The sequence is presented in the ideal order to create the optimal effect for the nervous system. I encourage you not to experiment with the sequence until you have mastered each of the individual building blocks of movement. This program is an introduction into the lens of mobility training via your feet. It is designed to help you recover and integrate the foundation of your platform — healthy feet!