DNA-Certified Practitioners

Congratulations to the practitioners who have completed the rigorous curriculum necessary to become a Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ certified practitioner. The Module One material is sophisticated and nuanced. In order to become a certified practitioner, one must complete the course (many folks enroll multiple times) and then pass both a written exam and practicum. The reason why we’ve set the bar high is because practitioners need to fully have capacity to have a conversation with the nervous system. One of the most important aspects DNA™ certified practitioners adhere to is keeping the nervous system of their clients safe.

  • Ryan Brown
  • Ariel Campbell
  • Becky Coots-Kimbley
  • Rhiannon Flores-Drennan
  • Noah Drucker
  • Scott Field (Mod One and Two)
  • Jamie Francis
  • Ryan Hayes
  • Misty Hillin
  • Donald Hodge
  • Andy Hsieh
  • Andy Hyde
  • Josh Landis (Mod One and Two)
  • Beth Manning
  • Christina McKeage
  • Matt Moulds
  • Jesse Prescott
  • Jesse Rutherford