Gait Workshop – Chicago




Join us at  The Movement Guild for this two-hour workshop with Joseph Schwartz, we will explore a foot mobility sequence that strengthens and integrates the intrinsic foot muscles.  Then we will apply the foot mobility to 18 specific positions in the gait cycle.

Why is this important?

Foot mechanics translate into ground force reaction. Ground force reaction informs kinetic chain integration.

How we engage the ground is either promoting healthy movement patterns or reinforcing compensation.

You will come away from this movement workshop with a new spring in your step while appreciating the subtleties of the complex walking pattern called Gait.

Joseph is the developer of The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains and Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™. He has been studying the gait and applied kinesiology for over two decades and loves to share his knowledge of the gait with others.

Friday, September 11th

6:30-8:30pm ($50)


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